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    M|LASH Eyelash Shampoo (Foam) 50ml

    • ✅ OIL FREE FORMULA – does not contain any alcohol-based ingredients which can cause irritation to the sensitive eye area and mucous membranes. We are proud to provide an effective lash cleanser that is free of parabens, ethylene oxide, polyquaternium, Trimethylglycine, and color.
    • ✅HOME USE – Use this lash shampoo as a part of your daily routine to maintain the health and retention of your eyelash extensions. Apply a small amount of shampoo on the included brush and gently work the brush through the eyelash extensions.
    • ✅ CLEAN LASHES LAST LONGER – Keep your eyelash extensions longer with this foaming lash wash that gently rinses away makeup and oil without weakening the bond of the eyelash extension adhesive or risking the retention of your beautiful eyelash extensions.
    • ✅FOR LASH PROFESSIONALS – Use this eyelash cleanser to prep your client’s natural eyelashes prior to applying extensions to achieve a better adhesive bond, resulting in longer retention. It is also great for cleaning the eyelash extensions during a fill or touch up.
    • ✅Made In Korea

    How to use: 

    Dispense 2 pumps onto clean fingertips with eyes closed, gently rub onto eyelids and around the eye area. Rinse off thoroughly with water and pat dry.


    • This product is not suitable for use within 24 hours of lash extensions.
    • Recommended to use every day to ensure eyelashes and eyelids hygiene, antibacterial effect, avoid inflammations and blepharitis.
    • External use only
    • Keep out of reach of children
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    M|Lash Starter eyelash extensions kit

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    Magnetic Eyelash Tweezer Case

    Small portable magnetic case for eyelash tweezers.

    Tips: the magnetic case does not contain any tweezers or tools

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    Metal Tweezers Sterilizer

    • SMALL AND COMPACT DESIGN: this sterilizing pot is designed small and compact which can be put on the desk, convenient to use,applicable for the disinfection, sterilization and cleaning of the nail art tools and is suitable for professional salon use or home personal use.
    • HIGH TEMPERATURE: the intelligent sterilizer can automatically increase to and maintain 150 degree high temperature when you plug in the power, put the glass ball into the inner pot and turn on switch, which keep the tools clean and sterile.
    • GLASS BEADS STERILIZATION: put the glass ball into the inner pot and turn on switch to hold the metal tools being sterilized and to diffuse heat and keep hot, any liquid is not allowed to put into the machine
    • OVERHEATING PROTECTION DEVICE: adopts the principle of automatic electric temperature control and install the overheating protection device, best metal Sterilizing tools for nails nippers and tweezers, salon peelers, eye-brow beauty and tattoo needles
    • REUSABLE USAGE: this tool sterilizer is for its solid design, and no pollution and energy saving features, can be reusable and long term used.
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    Training Lashes for Eyelash Extensions 5 Pairs

    $8.00 $7.00
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    Tweezer Cleaner – Reusable Eyelash Glue Remover Ball